19 Apr

Staging Is A Formula

As I often tell sellers, “Staging is a formula. The more closely you follow the formula, the better the results will be.” Oh, how true it is. Sometimes, the suggestions a stager gives may sound nit-picky and inconsequential, but there’s always a reason behind them. Little nuances...

17 Mar

Virtual Staging is for Leprechauns

Sure, leprechauns are fun to think about around St. Patrick’s Day. They’re tricky little creatures who try to steal your gold, and we know they’re mythical, so we enjoy including them in our traditions. Our son used to set “leprechaun traps” on the night of March...

Imagine Gurus home stager Bulverde Tx
09 Dec

Why Listings Show Better During the Holidays

  Why Do Listings Show Better During the Holidays? The primary answer is simple: emotions — cozy, sentimental emotions. But there are more reasons, including less competition coupled with motivated buyers. A Home for The Holidays. Everyone wants to be “home” for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas....

Rare & Memorable Gifts Imagine Gurus Home Stager Bulverde Tx
01 Nov

Rare & Memorable Closing Gifts

Any real estate agent who works with buyers knows that home buying is an incredibly emotional experience, often wrought with stress, bumps in the road, and a nervous excitement. A thoughtful, unique gift goes a long way to solidify positive feelings about this home buying experience...

Imagine Gurus Home Stager New Braunfels Tx
08 Sep

What Is Buyer’s Staging?

  What is Buyer Staging? Bet Ya Didn’t Know it Was a “Thing” We’ve heard of Home Staging for Sellers, but what about Buyer Staging, also known as Staged to Live or Move-In Staging? Moving into a new home is both exciting and overwhelming.  You know the feeling, when...