Rare & Memorable Closing Gifts

Rare & Memorable Gifts Imagine Gurus Home Stager Bulverde Tx

01 Nov Rare & Memorable Closing Gifts

Any real estate agent who works with buyers knows that home buying is an incredibly emotional experience, often wrought with stress, bumps in the road, and a nervous excitement.

A thoughtful, unique gift goes a long way to solidify positive feelings about this home buying experience – and lifelong, positive feelings about YOU, their agent.

You’re not a run-of-the-mill agent, so your closing gift shouldn’t be. It should reflect the care and attention you afford your clients. It should be something so memorable that the buyers forget all the bumps along the way and bask in the glow and excitement of their new home, and the excellent care you showed them along the way.

Here are some unique ideas to consider:

  • A cake baked in the shape of a house, with their address on it, and your name & logo.
  • A pillow or sign that says “HOME” with the “established” / closing date inside the “O” and your name & logo on the little “pillow tag.”
  • A wreath for their home, matching their décor, with a wreath hanger with your name & logo etched discretely.
  • Throw them a housewarming party, which is a great way to appreciate your client and make personal contact with their database, as well, since you’ll be creating the invitations and collecting RSVPs.
  • A gift certificate from Imagine Gurus for any “Dwelling” service they may need: unpacking; furniture layout; decorating assistance; paint color selection; remodel; or organizing. This can be presented in a number of ways, including in a keepsake basket with a bottle of wine from a nearby vineyard. It can also include a handsome, etched personalized tag with your name & logo on the basket, so they’ll think of you often.

If you like the last suggestion, and think your buyers would “just love it,” then contact me and I’ll handle all the details and deliver it to your office prior to closing.  As an added benefit, the Imagine Gurus gift certificate can be customized with any amount and paid after closing!