Redefining Spaces

07 Dec Redefining Spaces

“Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things & then welcome us back for refreshment.” -Melissa Michaels

Our world’s current circumstances have forced us to adjust to some new routines revolving around our homes, such as working from home, virtual meetings, or children engaged in remote learning. These new ways of working or schooling deserve a space in your home that is efficient yet enjoyable.

Perhaps you need to create a professional and aesthetic home office or workspace that inspires, promotes efficiency, and is comfortable while also being professional.

Perhaps you need to provide a designated area for your kids to thrive in their online school environment.

Perhaps you have limited space and need an area to serve in a multi-functioning capacity.

Whether you’re converting an unused bedroom or sectioning an already used space into different areas, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • a comfortable and ergonomic desk chair is imperative,
  • a desk that converts to a stand-up desk, so you can alternate between sitting and standing, will boost health and keep up your energy,
  • display a mood board of what inspires you,
  • surround yourself with beautiful art, lighting, and wall paint colors,
  • create an area with a professional background, not only for the virtual meetings, but so you feel productive while in the space,
  • for the kids, create a space away from distractions that is also comfortable and inspiring,
  • also for the kids, consider creating a nook area with some built-ins so all of their supplies are kept in one place and easily accessible.

Whether the work from home or remote learning situations are short term or long term for you, take the time to invest in a space that you will enjoy and look forward to using each day.

If you need guidance to create these inspiring spaces, reach out to the Gurus at Imagine Gurus. We are here to assist you in imagining the possibilities to inspire you daily.

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