I can't help it. I love what I do. And it brings me great joy to see the excitement and relief on clients' faces when they experience the final results of what Imagine Gurus has done for them.

With my entrepreneurial spirit coaxing me, I've been Professional Organizer since 2004 and a Home Stager since 2006.

As a former diplomat, I understand that tact, respect and confidentiality are imperative in all client interactions, especially when dealing with something as personal as a HOME.

After traveling around the world with my Navy husband and 2 kiddos, we've finally made it back to the Motherland, and we were able to settle this business in Texas in February 2015. In a short time, we've grown our team and expanded our services.

We would be honored to help you with your HOME project.

Mikaela Rios

Owner, Elite Home Stager & Redesigner, Professional Organizer

I've always had a passion for technology.

My interest in technology led to learning 3-D Rendering software, which helps clients get a ``sneak peak`` at their future home or remodel project.

After serving in the Navy for 21 years, it's great to be back HOME pursuing the next adventure.

I look forward to helping you Imagine the Possibilities on your HOME project.

Ron Rios

Co-Owner, 3-D Renderer
Yo Habla Español

I love mess, clutter, and disorganization! I get a euphoric feeling when I can assist a client with an amazing transformation. The more challenging the project, the more rewarding it is for both you and me. I can appreciate the attachment we tend to have to items, as they are a considerable part of our past. As a retired Registered Nurse, I have the experience necessary to work with you compassionately, and to help ease the burden of getting started, while finding creative and innovative ways to hold onto truly treasured pieces. I’d be honored to help you create a HOME where you can put up your feet, relax, and enjoy the important moments in your life.

Krista McNamara

Home Team Member, Professional Organizer, Assistant Home Stager

Let’s face it, moves big or small, are challenging. I have had many such moves during the past 30 years, and this has had a big influence on my becoming a Professional Home Stager. I look at each new property as a blank canvas where I am able to use my creativity and organizational skill sets to turn houses into homes. I also enjoy working with textures and colors.

Being a Home Stager is my chance to put a personal touch on the visuals of life, whether it is in myself, my surroundings or within the spaces of others. We all feel better in happy, colorful spaces. I would be happy to help you color your world!

I hope you allow me to help guide you through your next move or redesign HOME project.

Karen Beckart

Home Team Member, Home Stager & Redesigner
Yo Habla Español

I love real estate. Buying, selling, and every step in between! With over 10 years of mortgage and managerial experience, I am the Guru behind the scenes, helping our office function smoothly.

When I’m not working, you can find me at HOME or on the ball fields chasing after one of my three boys.

Kim Birch

Back Office Administrator