Is Staging worth the money?

Our goal is the same as yours and your real estate agent’s…to help you get the most money for your home in the shortest amount of time!
Did you know…

  • Price & Presentation totally sell a home!
  • Staging Return on Investment average is 586%.  – Bankrate.com
  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and buyers spend an average of only 6 minutes in a home.
  • The longer a property stays on the market, the lower the price will drop.  – National Association of Realtors
  • 80% of the population can’t visualize a home’s potential — so let’s show them!
  • Staging gives you beautiful photos for your online listing!  9 out of 10 buyers search online first!  If they like what they see online, it means more foot traffic for your listing!
  • Staging helps your home sell faster.  Price falls an average of 1% per month it’s on the market.  Faster sale = more profit!
What exactly is redesign?

Redesign means that we rearrange furniture and accessories from room to room, and suggest paint colors and certain upgrades that will give you a big return on your investment.  We can even arrange for and/or supervise the labor on any of these upgrades.

Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

Do you promise yourself that you’ll get organized soon and time slips by?  Do you find you don’t know where to begin?  Don’t worry, it’s a job that many find too frustrating and time-consuming to deal with on their own.  We can help you make the commitment to get organized.  We assess the challenges, find the most effective way to handle the situation, and keep an eye on the big picture.  All the while, keeping you motivated to finish the task.

What do you do for me, Professional Organizer?

We are hands-on organizers.  We come to your location, evaluate the areas to be organized, and devise a strategy.  Working with you, we then sort through every item and help you decide what to keep, donate, sell, or toss.  After that’s completed, we set up systems and introduce organizing tools to create order in the space.  Most importantly, we teach you techniques to maintain the space clutter-free on a permanent basis.

Is it worth it to hire a Professional Organizer?

When you are organized, you can…

  • Experience less stress and frustration
  • Achieve greater efficiency in your life
  • Gain more time to focus on the important things
  • Benefit from tax deductions on donated items and cash through the yard sale items
My home is a total disaster...I'm too embarrassed to let anyone see it!

We have seen it all!  The greater the mess, the more excited we get making it disappear!  We work on a strict confidentiality policy, so your “secret” is safe with us…and when your friends see your new, organized, beautiful space, you can choose to take full credit!  If you decide to recommend us, though, we would be grateful.  If you recommend someone who hires us, you’ll receive a Referral Bonus!

How long does it take to get organized?

Three aspects deterring how long it will take:  the size of the project, your readiness to make choices, and your schedule.  If you are willing to do “homework” between sessions, the time frame can be much shorter.

How much will Organizing cost?

The cost depends on the size of the project.  There are pricing packages to fit various needs, or we can design one especially for you.

Will you make me throw away everything?

Don’t worry!  De-cluttering doesn’t mean throwing away everything.   The goal is to make decisions about what to keep and then what to do with those items.

Will I have to purchase new products?

Not necessarily.  We’ll work with what you have and if it’s necessary to purchase products, we’ll recommend items that fit your budget.

What is Occupied Staging?

Staging for sellers who are living in their home.

Occupied Staging is preparing a home for market, making it appealing to potential home buyers, utilizing the seller’s own furniture and décor. It can include editing certain items, rearranging furniture and décor, and suggestions for adding a few layers of on-trend décor.


A personalized game-plan for sellers who are living in their home to prepare it for market.

A Staging Consultation by Imagine Gurus includes a personalized written report (“Profit List”) of everything needing to be done to prepare the home for market. An Imagine Gurus Stager will walk through the property with the seller, explaining each item on the Profit List and the “why,” which includes an explanation of the latest trends and buyer psychology. Other topics covered in the Staging Consultation are necessary repairs, tradespeople recommendations, and paint color suggestions.

If the seller requires additional assistance getting the Profit List accomplished, Imagine Gurus is pleased to help.


Staging for sellers who are not living in their home.

A vacant house needs some “life” to it. Staging certain key areas can elicit an emotional response in buyers, so they imagine themselves living there. Staging brings scale and warmth, and reduces buyer objections.


Home Staging for Homeowners (i.e. those dwelling, not selling!)

Decorating for the needs and desires of the “dwellers.”

Redesign utilizes the seller’s own furniture and décor, rearranged for a fresh new look. It can include removing some items and adding layers of on-trend décor and/or furniture. Paint color, repair, and remodel/upgrade advice is given.

Redesign is an affordable alternative to interior decorating, when just a little “refreshing” is needed.


Yes. Even Stagers need a Stagers’ help to sell their own homes.

Why should I hire a Stager?

Because the way we live in and the way we market a house are completely different, a Stager brings an objective view. A Stager has a specific skill set via training and accreditation. A Stager has knowledge of recent trends and the psychology of buyers. With a Stager, you’ll have the “competitive edge.”


You are in control. It’s up to you. Do keep in mind that Staging is a formula. The more closely you follow the formula, the better the results will be.

Sometimes, a seller doesn’t have the time or energy to get everything accomplished, in which case, the stager can help implement the suggestions.


As they say, “Light and Bright sells homes.”

Light wall colors are best because they bounce light for the photographs and make them bright and crisp looking.  Soft white or light grey are good choices. The same color throughout the house is recommended.


Does “bait and switch” seem like a good idea?

The idea of staging is to elicit an emotional response from a buyer and make them “fall in love” with the house. If they get excited about the look of a virtually staged home online and it’s vacant when they arrive, it’s a big “let down.”


The best scenario is to view Staging be your “competitive edge” in listing your home at what the market can support, rather than at an inflated value.

Preparing your house for market and Staging it is a pre-photo necessity to put its “best foot forward,” so it sells quickly and for top dollar.

The aim is to be the best listing among your competition, which may lead to a multiple offer situation and/or a bidding war. But, it’s best to let this happen organically.