Love Your Space

22 Feb Love Your Space

February is the month for love, amore, l’amour. Yes, true love is for animate objects. But, you can certainly feel emotions about inanimate objects as well, and they can certainly influence your mood.

Consider this as you determine why you love your space, or as you prepare to create a haven for yourself.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a sense of contentment, peace, serenity, delight? What about feelings of being energized or joyful? What about negative feelings of gloom, stress, pessimism?

What’s creating this biofeedback? It has to do with the senses.

1) Sight: Colors can affect mood. Light colors create the feeling of serenity and spaciousness, while dark colors elicit a cozy and sophisticated vibe. Likewise, certain colors tend to have general a reputation — uplifting (yellow), calming (some blues), calming (some greens), creative-inspiring (purple), energizing (orange), motivating or anger-inducing (red) – but it can differ from person to person. Lighting can also influence the space. Is there natural light for an organic mood lifter? Are there “daylight” bulbs casting their cool/cold hue? Or are soft white bulbs being used and does the space feel “warm?” Is there ambient lighting from lamps for the cozy feel?

2) Touch: Textures and finishes define the use of the space. Is it a casual, cozy space, with layers of texture and comfortable, touchable fabrics? Or is it more formal and elegant, with mirrored finishes, touches of polished metal accents, semi- to high-gloss finishes?

3) Smell: This is the sense most linked to our emotional recollection. Does a musty smell remind you of grandma’s scary basement, but baking bread reminds you of the comfort of her kitchen? When you smell crayons, do you immediately think of your kindergarten teacher or your best childhood friend? The addition of a scent via a Scentsy, candle, or natural oil diffuser can also help create a certain vibe.

4) Sound: Does the space echo and sound hollow? Do the floors creek? Or is the area quiet and peaceful? Is music playing to set the mood and is it upbeat, soft or hip?

5) Taste: Okay, there’s no tasting involved! I just wanted to see if you’re paying attention!

Having a dwelling you love is a mood elevator, so in this month of Valentine’s Day, go ahead and Love Your Space! And if you don’t, commit to creating a Space You Love.

If you need help creating, call Imagine Gurus. We would be honored to help you create a Space You Love. Or, if you’re selling, we’ll help create a Space any Buyer will Love! Imagine the Possibilities! 210-774-7373, [email protected],