Tips for Creating a Wildly Successful Vacation Rental

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05 Jul Tips for Creating a Wildly Successful Vacation Rental

Tips for Creating a Wildly Successful Vacation Rental

We live in a beautiful area of Texas, with rolling hills, nature trails, lakes and rivers.  It’s a great place to relax and unwind, and many vacationers are discovering this, which is why the vacation rentals business is booming in our area.

If you have a vacation rental that need a little refreshing, or if you’re thinking of starting one from scratch, here are some things to consider.

Theme & Amenities

First and foremost, reflect upon what you enjoy when you’re on vacation.  What amenities do you look for when choosing a place to stay?  What are the special touches that made you choose one rental over another?  What will your theme be, based on your surroundings and the home’s architecture?


Have additional and adaptable sleeping spaces.  Trundle beds, bunk beds and pull out sofas are quick-change-artists in a vacation rental.  If buying a pull out sofa, get the kind with a commercial grade mechanism so it won’t wear out with daily use.  Also, a 6” innerspring mattress will be more comfortable than the standard mattress in pull out sofas.  Speaking of beds, it’s a good idea to sleep one night on every bed in your property to ensure comfort for your guests.  After all, people go on vacation for rest and relaxation, so comfortable beds are essential.

Have ample seating.  If you advertise that your rental sleeps a certain number, it should also seat that number for eating.  In addition to a big table, a great double-duty way to seat more people is with a built-in countertop along a wall with stools tucked under.  When not in use as an eating bar, the countertop doubles as a serving space.

Durable Furniture

Protect your furniture investments with these tips.  Buy medium to long lasting furniture.  For sofas and chairs, choose a durable material such as indoor-outdoor fabric (like Sunbrella).  Likewise, polyester blends or olefin materials are best for durability, or check out Crypton, the new performance fabric (

Use mattresses pads and pillow protectors.  Try to use glass-topped furniture doesn’t chip or show wear and you don’t have to worry about guest not using coasters.

Welcoming Interiors

Colorful interiors are inviting and memorable.  Color can be bold or serene, depending on your surroundings or theme.  For wall paint, use a satin finish for wash-ability / durability, and protect wall corners with clear corner guards (available at home improvement stores).  Use solid color curtains and bring in pattern with throw pillows and art.  It’s less expensive to swap out throw pillows with changing trends than it is to swap out curtains.

Avoid solid colored bedspreads because they show stains.  Bedspreads with patterns are better, and if you buy a true bedspread (not a comforter), it’ll go all the way to the floor and you don’t need a bed skirt.  Ensure you have an extra bedspread for each bed so the dirty ones can be washed between guests.  Large art pieces make more of an impact and won’t create visual clutter.  Each bed needs nightstands and lamps.

Tile floors are easy to maintain and are harder to ruin, and there are tile planks that look like wood if you like that look better.  Also consider installing vinyl flooring, which has come a long way since the 1960s.  On-trend now are vinyl planks that actually look and feel a lot like real wood.  Having all solid surface floors would be too sterile, so you need to add area rugs.  Buy area rugs that can be easily cleaned or that are inexpensive enough to be replaced when need be.

No one likes living out of a suitcase.  To make the vacation rental feel like home, give guests ample space for their clothing with drawers, closet, and luggage racks.

Making it Easy Breezy

Minimize the breakable items in your vacation rental.  Buy fluffy white “spa” towels that can be bleached.  Costco has very nice, affordable towels.  Wondering where to shop?  IKEA, At Home, and Thrift stores are good places to find furniture and décor.  Have an owner’s area / lockable closet to store supplies on-site.

Special Touches

What will set you apart from other vacation rentals?  It’s the little touches that mean the most to guests.  What will your special touches be?  Consider a supply of games & cards, outdoor games, fully stocked seasonings for the kitchen, a binder with suggestions for nearby attractions and restaurants, a welcome package with flowers, wine, snacks, coffee, coupons, etc.

Ensure you have excellent photos to entice guests to choose your vacation rental.  The pre-photo necessity, though, is having an amazing design scheme and paying attention to details like the ones mentioned in this piece.

Need more guidance on outfitting or refreshing a vacation rental?  We at Imagine Gurus can be your specialists…creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.  Just contact Mikaela at 210-774-7373 or [email protected].