The Secret Sauce to Selling Your House

16 May The Secret Sauce to Selling Your House

I always explain to my seller clients that the way we LIVE and the way we MARKET are completely different. This is the case with anything we want to sell successfully. If we want to sell ourselves, on a first date or an interview, we dress well and conduct ourselves in the best manner possible. If we want to sell a used fridge for top dollar, we’ll thoroughly clean it so it looks its best.

What about our vehicles? Can you imagine if you tried to sell you car in its current condition? If you’re a sports family like we are, the floorboards are likely sprinkled with mud, food wrappers and empty water bottles. There are crumbs on the seats, along with a few mystery stains (did they really open a soy sauce in here?). The aroma of sweaty cleats fills the cabin. What about the chip in the window shield that never got repaired? Or the fact that the car hasn’t had a “bath” since the dawn of the near year? How much money will this vehicle fetch in its current condition?

Our current car condition is very common for a busy lifestyle, but if we sold this vehicle as-is, there’s no way we’d get what it’s worth. Why? Because perceptions matter.

The same is true for your house, which is even more important, as it’s a very large investment. Isn’t it imperative to maximize your return on an investment of this magnitude?

Preparing your home for market, by staging it, is so important. Melissa Marro, a staging expert in Jacksonville, Florida, has a great way to explain this concept. She says, “Staging is about creating a MEASURABLE, MARKETABLE difference in PERCEIVED VALUE of the house.”

By taking the time and effort to prepare the house for sale, you’re maximizing its value and will receive the best possible return on investment. Guess what? That’s the secret sauce!

Staging a house sets it apart from the competition, sells a “lifestyle,” and evokes an emotional connection in buyers. It’s marketing, folks.

There you have it — now you know the secret sauce! By the way, I definitely prefer this “secret sauce” to the soy sauce all over the back seat of my car!

Need expert assistance with the secret sauce recipe? Call the chefs at Imagine Gurus, who can help create a home that will evoke true emotional connections. Imagine Gurus would be honored to stage for you (or your client). Imagine the Possibilities! 210-774-7373, [email protected],