03 Oct

Best Renovation ROI

Which renovations prove to be the best Return on Investment? This is a great question to ask, since we all have budgets and we want to make the most impact while keeping costs down.  The top two “home sellers,” after Curb Appeal, are Kitchen and Master...

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17 Aug

Thank You (tongue in cheek) HGTV!

We all love our HGTV, don’t we?  SO MANY GOOD IDEAS IN ONE PLACE!  Same with Houzz and Pinterest!  It’s like a syndrome! That’s why I feel sorry for today’s home seller.  There are so many expectations buyers have and sellers are forced to live up...

02 Aug

Beware of Vignette Staging!

It sounds so nice.  Vignette.  Like a little scene. Not so much. Vignette Staging is sometimes utilized to give a listing some “life,” to make it seem appealing and inviting.  The problem is, it just looks awkward -- like the movers forgot to pack and move some...

05 Jul

FACT: Visualization is a Rare Gift

“I just don’t know WHAT I’d do with this room!” “This wall color and cabinet color is SO DATED!” “This living room seems SO SMALL!” “I’m an Aggie and I just can’t get over all of the icky Longhorn memorabilia. Get me out of this burnt orange nightmare!” ...

15 Jun

Does this Count as Math? STAGER=BUFFER

You know the feeling.  The cringe-worthy moment, when you have to advise your seller to do this, that, and the other to prepare their home for market.  That moment when you worry they might become offended that you don’t like their taste, or Aunt Ethel’s...