Thankful for Thanksgiving

24 Nov Thankful for Thanksgiving

I’ve always been Thankful for Thanksgiving.  It’s a time to relax and enjoy family and friends, without all the stress that modern-day Christmas brings.  Yes, there’s the shopping for and cooking of the traditional meal, and the cleaning up afterwards, but otherwise it’s simply a chance to spend time bonding with loved ones.  A chance to just be THANKFUL!

Whether you’re in the middle of selling your home or simply living there amongst disorganization that drives you crazy, I have one piece of advice. LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  There’ll be time to worry about the rest later.  For now, enjoy time with family and friends at Thanksgiving, being thankful for our country, for each other, and for all of our blessings!
From the Imagine Gurus family to yours…Have a blessed Thanksgiving!