Beware of Vignette Staging!

02 Aug Beware of Vignette Staging!

It sounds so nice.  Vignette.  Like a little scene.

Not so much.

Vignette Staging is sometimes utilized to give a listing some “life,” to make it seem appealing and inviting.  The problem is, it just looks awkward — like the movers forgot to pack and move some of the seller’s belongings.

A tree in the corner of the room, or a random chair, or only towels in a bathroom, or a few items in the kitchen.  These “vignettes” just aren’t going to cut it with today’s sophisticated buyer, who most probably watches HGTV and surfs Houzz and Pinterest.

The purpose of Staging a vacant property is to provide scale and warmth to a room.  Counterintuitively, a space always looks bigger with furniture (appropriately sized, of course).  It also looks more inviting furnished.  The buyer can imagine it as a home – not a house or a piece of property, but a home.