Build a Snowman in Texas! How to Prep for Holidays or Home Listing

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05 Nov Build a Snowman in Texas! How to Prep for Holidays or Home Listing

It’s that time of year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Often, it can feel like “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!” Stressful, overwhelming, chaotic. And what if you’re trying to sell your home as well?

Whether you’re preparing for the Holidays or listing your Home on the market, Organizing is always the first step. Although it’s not intended to be so, this time of the year can feel busy, hurried, and stressful.

Don’t worry! You can put the cheer back in your holidays with one revolutionary phrase: “Start small and it’ll snowball.” Yes! It’s true! I recommend starting in a small area that’s been bothering you. You know the one. The area that every time you look at it, you think “Ugg,” and you’re not thinking of winter boots. A good “small area” in which to begin would be a linen closet or a pantry.

After that area is organized (and quickly, I might add), you’ll immediately feel the positive effects. This will lead to organizing the next most-burdensome area, and so on, until the snowball of Organization grows bigger.

Now, to get started, grab a timer and some holiday music. Why? For motivation! The timer will show you how LITTLE time it takes. The music will create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. You’ll soon be singing along to the music, in the holiday mood, and feeling elated at accomplishing an imperative goal — one that will simplify life, reduce stress, and (if applicable) prepare your home for the market.

My advice is to take everything out of the area, then strategically decide what needs to go back in and where it makes the most sense. During this process, you’ll find there are things you can part with (donate or throw away), or perhaps they really belong elsewhere. Utilize household items to organize like-things together. For instance, shoeboxes and plastic cups corral things quite neatly and inexpensively.

Who says we can’t build a snowman in this part of Texas? Organize with this method and see the snowball grow, until it’s a snowman!

Feeling overwhelmed and short on time? A Professional Organizer or Home Stager can help with a simple consultation. Just contact just Imagine Gurus at 210-774-7373 or [email protected]