Make Believe Moving Brings REAL Relief

16 Jul Make Believe Moving Brings REAL Relief

One of the benefits of being a military family has been that we never accumulated an overabundance of stuff.  We couldn’t, because we moved every few years and going over our allotted household goods weight limit meant forking over big bucks.  Plus, it wasn’t much fun unpacking boxes at the other end, so getting rid of things before the move became an “event.”

This is what the “event” entailed: Friends would come over and pre-shop for items they wanted to buy; followed by a grand yard sale; followed by a few trips to a donation station for the remaining stuff.  Ahhhh.  It always felt good to purge excess items and know that other people would be enjoying them instead of me unpacking them a few months later!  It really felt like a gift I was giving myself.

Now that our military life is over and we’re in our forever home, I can see how easily things accumulate.  Recently, my mother has started “giving back” all of my childhood memorabilia, including art projects, school projects, report cards, and the like.  She’s also starting to hand down things that belonged to my grandparents, and she’s offering me things from her own collection!  So, THIS is how it happens.

I need to sort through these items right away and make decisions of what to keep and what not to keep.  If not, I will need to have a “Make-Believe Moving” event.

I had a client recently who is so sweet and has a hard time saying “no” when family members drop off things they think might be useful to her.  When I was consulting with her, she revealed the previous day’s drop-off, at which time she inherited 3 bags of old swimming towels, mismatched first-edition Tupperware containers, a rickety bookshelf, and even a computer from 2002!  Just what everyone needs, right!?  I fear they may be treating her like Goodwill, but since she herself has a heart full of Good Will, she interprets it as thoughtfulness.  She is the recipient of “Irritating Thoughtfulness,” the kind that bestows unnecessary clutter and hassle upon the recipient.

I recommended that she set boundaries.  To do this, she would need to address everyone before the next drop-off could occur and state, “Thank you for your continued thoughtfulness, but I’ve been working with a Professional Organizer to create simplicity in my life.  We’ve been making great strides in paring down my belongings, and since I’ve turned over this new leaf, I really can’t accept anything else.  You’ve been so kind to me over the years, and now you’ll be able to take full advantage of the tax deduction when you donate to the Goodwill down the street.”

If you’re also experiencing the desire to bring simplicity to your life through organization, I’d likewise recommend you set boundaries with yourself and others.  And, perhaps engage in “Make-Believe Moving.”  Pretend as though you’re downsizing to a smaller house and look long and hard at all of your belongings.  If the stuff doesn’t serve a useful purpose and if it doesn’t bring you joy, then out it goes.  You’ll start to feel a real relief from this make-believe moving!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process or don’t know where to start, a short consultation with a Professional Organizer will set you on the path to this real relief!  For more ideas and helpful tips, visit the BLOG section of the website:  Or, call 210-774-7373.