Does this Count as Math? STAGER=BUFFER

15 Jun Does this Count as Math? STAGER=BUFFER

You know the feeling.  The cringe-worthy moment, when you have to advise your seller to do this, that, and the other to prepare their home for market.  That moment when you worry they might become offended that you don’t like their taste, or Aunt Ethel’s paint-by-number art decorating the living room, or the too-tiny rug underneath the dining table, or the odor of wet dog in the bedroom.

You need a buffer.  No, I don’t mean a padded suit to protect you, or a sofa cushion you hold up to shield yourself.  You need a Stager to be your buffer.

Staging Buffer

Having a third party expert talk to your seller about these topics certainly takes the pressure off!  Realtors will often say to me, “I tried to get the seller to paint that wall, or remove the taxidermy, or have the windows cleaned (etc.) and they wouldn’t do it until YOU said to.”I believe the reason why is two-fold:  1) the Realtor has set me up as the EXPERT, and 2) the seller was hearing it from TWO people, which created validation.

Adding a Buffer / Stager is a WIN for both the Realtor and the seller, because the listing is the best it can be, and the Realtor-Client relationship is protected.

Need a Buffer?  Mikaela Rios, Home Stager with Imagine Gurus will be that for you!  As a former diplomat, she utilizes her skills in diplomacy and tact to educate sellers on the importance of following her suggestions.


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