Why Listings Show Better During the Holidays

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09 Dec Why Listings Show Better During the Holidays


Why Do Listings Show Better During the Holidays?

The primary answer is simple: emotions — cozy, sentimental emotions. But there are more reasons, including less competition coupled with motivated buyers.

A Home for The Holidays. Everyone wants to be “home” for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. When a potential buyer walks into a home decorated for the season, they envision a sentimental “Norman Rockwell” kind of family gathering, full of laughter, love, merriment, and a delicious feast. Even if their family fights like cats and dogs, they’re being presented with a “lifestyle” full of hope and possibilities.

While it’s recommended the MLS photos be neutral, if possible, so as not to “date” the photos, it’s absolutely beneficial to decorate for the season after the photos are taken. There are certain ways to do this, of course — nothing too religious, dated-looking, or over-the-top crowded looking. Using nature-inspired décor is always classy and appealing to everyone. For Christmas, think greenery, white lights, pine cones, and touches of silver and gold.

Less Competition. Typically, the inventory is much lower around the holidays, perhaps because many sellers don’t want the hassle of listing at this time of year, or they think buyers won’t be shopping. This is good news because it means less competition among listings.

Motivated Buyers. Conventional wisdom has always been that “more serious buyers shop during the holidays.” Why? Because there will always be home investors looking for year-end tax write-offs. Likewise, many job transfers happen in January, making November and December prime home shopping months.

Go ahead, list during the holidays, and let those sweet “visions of bidding wars dance in your head.”

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