Staging Is A Formula

19 Apr Staging Is A Formula

As I often tell sellers, “Staging is a formula. The more closely you follow the formula, the better the results will be.”

Oh, how true it is.

Sometimes, the suggestions a stager gives may sound nit-picky and inconsequential, but there’s always a reason behind them. Little nuances can sit in the buyer’s mind as micro-objections, and enough micro equals macro. Yes, a big, gigantic, “this house isn’t the one for us” macro-objection, even if they can’t “put their finger” on the reason.

This is why it’s important to try to follow as many of the staging recommendations as possible. You might think he or she is “kookoo in la cabeza,” but I encourage you to trust your stager’s expertise.

I had clients recently who followed the formula to a “T,” and had stellar results. They did it all, from painting the front door the right shade of warm gray to match the walkway stones, to painting interior walls a light, neutral shade, to purchasing a few simple on-trend elements, to rearranging living room furniture, to creating symmetry in the master bedroom with matching nightstands and lamps, to minimizing items on the kitchen countertop, even though it wasn’t as convenient for them.

It’s never easy. There never seems to be enough time. It’s takes a lot of effort. But then again, they had a goal in mind. To sell their home quickly and for top dollar.

Here’s what they had to say, in their own words: “Imagine Gurus made a huge difference…(they) visited our home and provided us with a to-do list to get it ready for sale. When we put our home on the market…the on-line photos were amazing. We had 6 showings in the first 2 days. The agents commented on how beautifully it was staged. Buyers loved the house. Consequently, it was on the market for only 4 days when we accepted an offer.” – Elaine D.

If lack of time, energy, or know-how are preventing you from accomplishing everything, my suggestion is to outsource some of the “to do list” items (which I call “Profit List”). The return on investment will be worthwhile.

Staging is formula — for success!

Looking for a place to start? Imagine Gurus offers Staging Consultations as well as Staging Implementations. Give us a call and we’ll explain how to get started. Imagine the Possibilities!

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