Why are Homes Jealous of Cars?

01 May Why are Homes Jealous of Cars?

The answer is because when selling them, owners often pamper their cars more than their houses.

Oh yes, it’s true.  A car usually enjoys a full clean and detail job before being put up for sale so it is more appealing to buyers and can fetch a higher price.

No so for the house — The structure that’s sheltered and protected its residents day and night for however many years!  Nope.  The house often gets put on the market with a “wait and see” approach.  Or, perhaps some effort is put into making it look snazzy, but usually not enough.

“Let’s just see how it goes” is a common phrase which means: list it first, test the market for a few months, and use Staging as a last resort if their home doesn’t sell.

Risky idea.  The longer a house sits on the market, the less appealing it becomes.  Research tells us that list price drops, an average of 1% each month it’s on the market.  Time is money, they say!  In this case, more time is less money.

A much better scenario is when the house is the best version of itself BEFORE it goes on the market so that the MLS photos look fabulous and buyers are enticed.  There’s so much competition out there and a listing needs to be fabulous from day one!

Imagine Gurus Home Staging can suggest valuable Staging advice, including explanations of buyer psychology.  There are certain “must do’s” when preparing a home for market, and we’d be thrilled to share them with you.

Give your house a little TLC BEFORE listing it.  After all, it deserves it as much as the car does, and YOU will reap the rewards.

Don’t let your home be jealous of your car!  Contact Imagine Gurus at 210-774-7373 or [email protected].