Two Seasons Draw Near: Bluebonnet & Listing!

01 Mar Two Seasons Draw Near: Bluebonnet & Listing!

In the Texas Hill Country, spring shows itself early, before the calendar date of March 20th.  And as bluebonnets start cropping up this month, so will “For Sale” signs.  Ahhh, spring has sprung!

The bluebonnets should be plentiful and healthy this year, due to the abundant rain that autumn brought, and we can simply sit back and enjoy their enticing beauty.  Listing our homes, however, takes a bit more effort.

Following are some suggestions to make your home as alluring as our Texas State Flower, ready to entice buyers.

First, declutter.  You’ll be moving anyway, so getting a head-start on this will make it that much easier when you get ready to pack your moving boxes.  You’ll be so grateful you did!

Second, depersonalize.  This means taking down all family photos, collections, personal memorabilia and eclectic décor.  These are things that make the home your home, but when selling, you want to create that “blank canvas” scene in which any buyer can imagine themselves living.

Third, look at the home as if you’re a buyer.  Does it need neutral paint?  Repairs?  Editing of furniture and other items?  Rearranging furniture for better flow?  Layers of on-trend décor?  All of these are very important to creating a setting that entices the buyer.  There’s a saying in Staging circles that “NOT Staging will only help to sell your competition.”  It’s true.  If it’s not “turn-key,” which means “move-in-ready,” fewer buyers will be interested in it.  Objectively viewing your home is one of the most difficult things for sellers, which is why a Stager should be considered.  It’s their expertise to view the home as a buyer would so you can get it sold quickly and for maximum profit.

Fourth, if you’ve already moved and the house will be empty, contact a Stager right away.  You’ll need to furnish it while it’s on the market.  When a house has furniture and décor in it, the homes “flaws” can be overlooked.  Also, size and scale will be realized.  When a home is empty, buyers think the rooms look small and that their furniture won’t fit.  Of course, that’s usually not the case at all, but an empty house won’t prove that to the buyer.

Fifth, ensure your MLS photos are the best they can be.  According to the National Association of Realtors, over 95% of buyers search online first.  As with most things in life, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

As a Home Stager, I can offer you one piece of advice that ranks above all others, and it is this:  “The way we live in and the way we market our home is completely different.”  Make this your mantra as you prepare your home for the market.  And if you’re ready to make your home truly stand out from the competition, contact a Home Stager for advice.

Whether or not listing your home on the market is in the plans for this spring, we can all enjoy the beauty of the bluebonnets this month.  You may want to check out this fun and unique website throughout the season for updates on the best bluebonnet patch sightings,

Welcome spring!  Welcome listings!  Welcome bluebonnets!