Top 3 Closet Clutter-Busting Tips

25 Jan Top 3 Closet Clutter-Busting Tips

Closets have a way of collecting clutter as the years go by.  Whether living in a home or preparing to sell it, organizing the closets will pay dividends in your sanity as well as the buyers’ impression of adequate storage space.

1.  Edit

The first step is to take everything out of the closet and decide what must go.  Edit that closet like a Professor would edit your thesis!  Instead of a red pen, you’ll use your two hands, but be equally ruthless!

2.  Hangers

Consider replacing your existing hangers with flocked hangers.  They’re great for hanging pants, shirts, and jackets, and their thin profile allows more items to be hung on the rod.  Plus, the uniform appearance of matching hangers enhances the non-cluttered, organized look you’re going for.

3.  Organizing Tools

Try to get as much off the floor as possible.  Shoe racks or cubbies are fine, though.  Matching baskets or bins are great at containing items as well as creating a uniform & organized appearance.  Don’t use clear bins, though, as the goal is to not have visual clutter.  Label the baskets or bins with decorative labels and people will think you’re Martha Stewart!

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