The Small Touches Make a Big Difference

20 Mar The Small Touches Make a Big Difference

Often, when I’m conducting a Staging Consultation, I mention small touches to each room. It may come across as something of little importance or not worth the time or even minimal cost to do it. However, Staging is in large part about evoking emotion, and all the micro things I’m suggesting add up to a macro-effect in the end.

A good example of this came into play as I was Staging a local furniture store’s dining room tables. What a difference it made to the feel of the store to have the tables lightly adorned with décor.

In addition to evoking emotion, the décor is strategic. It’s meant to draw the buyer’s eye to what we want them to see. In this case, it’s dining sets, but when selling a home, furniture placement and décor are used to draw the buyer’s eye to architectural elements, or a great view, or a cool feature in the home.

By the way, I have to give a shout-out to this local furniture store. It’s Amish Oak in Texas, and there are two locations: one in San Antonio and one in New Braunfels. Contrary to my (misguided) perception of Amish furniture being rudimentary, simple, and raw, Amish Oak in Texas impressed me beyond belief.

Here’s what I learned:

• The furniture is custom-made by the Amish of Ohio and Indiana.

• There are other types of wood available, besides oak — like maple, elm, cherry, white oak, and hickory.

• There are about 12 different stains from which to choose.

• There are specialty styles available, such as live-edge wood or hand-chiseled wood for the elegantly rustic look.

• The Amish are highly inventive and true craftsmen. Much of the furniture has features that you don’t find in regular furniture. For instance, hidden jewelry cases in dresser mirrors, tables that smoothly crank open to reveal extra table leaves, tables that convert from coffee table with tucked-away seats to a game playing table, and much more.

• Amish furniture will last for generations, as it’s carefully handcrafted and made from sturdy hardwood.

• The Amish make furniture to suit many styles, including Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary.

Below is a small sampling of what I mentioned:


The main point is that “small touches make a big difference.” Remember that when Staging your home to sell, or decorating your home to dwell.

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