Two Simple & Innovative Solutions for Stains

29 Jan Two Simple & Innovative Solutions for Stains

Y’all! Oh my goodness! I am so jazzed about two things I want to share it with you.

In my blogs, I aim to educate, inspire, and provide solutions. This is one that falls into the category of provide solutions. It’s a two-part blog with two different solutions. Read on!

Part 1: For Real Estate Agents, Home Sellers, and Home Dwellers

Real Estate Agents, my hope is that in sharing this with you is that you’ll be able provide an effective and cost-saving solution to your sellers. Home Sellers and Home Dwellers, I already know you’ll benefit from this information.

As a Stager, I conduct consultations for home sellers to give them a game plan to prepare their home for market. Easily 98 percent of the time, I have to suggest cleaning of some sort — windows, carpets, tile, grout, showers, baseboards, ovens, etc.

All of this adds up in time and money. The money part comes in because much of the cleaning is outsourced. For example, a professional floor cleaning company is hired to get the carpets or tile and grout looking new again. Or, a professional housecleaning company is hired, with the chemicals and knowledge to get rid of grease and grime in the kitchen and bathrooms.

I’ve discovered an effective and affordable way to do this on your own, saving big bucks for home sellers. This discovery came when I attended a recent networking event and was introduced to H2O at Home, which their website describes as “a mission driven company that seeks to bring safe, effective, and natural home and personal care solutions to the world.”

Initially attracted to the natural, non-chemical nature of the company since my daughter is very sensitive to chemicals and scents, I bought some items. It was the product effectiveness that bowled me over.

One item is a $32 reusable item called an “all purpose glove,” I was able to remove stains on my carpet from pets, kids, and daily living that my portable spot cleaning machine couldn’t get up, nor could any other cleaners I bought. In fact, the stains had previously been “removed” by a professional carpet cleaning company, but $400 and a week later, many of the stains reappeared.

Since seeing is believing, here are some before and after photos of stains that have been removed for a fraction of the cost by using H2O at Home products:

If you’re interested in ordering anything, click here. Or, contact me and I’ll guide you. [email protected], 210-774-7373.

Part 2: For Home Dwellers

Okay, now this one is for home dwellers, not sellers. I recently learned about a product to protect our investments in the home (or office), like carpets, rugs, sofas, outdoor patio cushions and the like.

I wish I had known about it when we installed new carpet four years ago. Back then, I paid extra for the stain protection offered by the carpet manufacturer, but later found out that when carpets are professionally cleaned, the stain protection needs to be reapplied, which adds on to the carpet cleaning price tag. Uggg.

Here’s the solution, folks, and it’s a local company, Interior Protection Systems.  They have a product called “Fiber ProTector,” which is described as “a preventative maintenance solution for carpets and textiles.”

When I had them come treat my outdoor patio furniture cushions, the company’s owner, Ginger Browning, explained the benefits of Fiber ProTector as follows:

  • Provides easy stain removal
  • Prolongs the life of all textiles
  • Improves professional cleaning
  • Protects against bacteria and mold
  • Added benefits from treatment are the significant reduction of sun fading, static build-up and reduced dust in an indoor environment due to the improved efficiency of daily vacuuming.

Next on the agenda is having my carpet and rugs treated, and Ginger explained that I can still have them professionally cleaned if I wish, because unlike typical stain protection, Fiber ProTector stands up to multiple cleanings.

Okay, thanks for hanging with me until the end of this longer-than-normal blog. Perhaps this information will come in handy for you or someone you know.

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