Staging Secrets Revealed: Subtracting and Adding Layers

30 Apr Staging Secrets Revealed: Subtracting and Adding Layers

As I often say, the way we live in and the way we market a house are completely different. One of the differences is in how we subtract certain layers of ourselves from the home and then add strategic layers to create a specific look.

Layers to SUBTRACT:

  1. Items that are specific to the seller, but not the general public. For instance, family photos, anything with a name or initial on it, collectibles, religious or political items, college memorabilia, and taste-specific art or décor.
  2. Utilitarian items in plain view, such as sponges, paper towels, laundry or cleaning supplies, plungers, paperwork or mail drop-zones, etc.
  3. Excess furniture or décor that makes a room feel “busy” or smaller than it is.
  4. Curtains that are dated, too short, or inhibiting window light.

Layers to ADD:

  1. Plants (real or faux) to bring “life” to the room, as well as a pop of color.
  2. A bowl of fruit to bring “life” and color to the kitchen or breakfast table.
  3. A tray set up with coffee or wine service to set the scene for entertaining or relaxing.
  4. A plush blanket draped across a sofa, chair, or the end of the bed to amp up the cozy feel.
  5. Throw pillows in the living room and bedrooms to add a pop of color and on-trend style.
  6. Fresh, new, fluffy towels in the bathrooms.

Of course, there are many more layers to add and subtract to achieve the ideal formula for selling a home quickly and for top dollar. Therefore, it’s best to get a personalized game plan from a certified professional stager.

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