Shhh! The “Secret Sauce” of Real Estate Marketing Revealed…

01 Jun Shhh! The “Secret Sauce” of Real Estate Marketing Revealed…

Naturally, a large part of a Seller’s Agent’s budget is spent on marketing.  It’s how you get the word out about the listing.

Since you know that over 95% of buyers searching online first and that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, you strategically hire a professional photographer to take amazing photos that no buyer can resist.

While the photographer may be very talented and the photo quality amazing, in most cases, there’s a huge part missing.  The Pre-Photography Preparation of STAGING.


Every house needs to be Staged.  The only difference is how much.How does the listing look to a buyer’s eye?  Are there too many small items on surfaces and on the walls, making it look cluttered?  Are certain rooms lacking warmth and layers?  When do you suggest editing and when do you suggest adding items?  How is the furniture placement making the room look?  Dated, awkward, or small?


Guess what!?  Staging is the “Secret Sauce” to making the listing look it’s best so your photographs become even more appealing.So, if your marketing plan doesn’t include Staging, it’s a lot like a dry hamburger.  Not as appealing as it could be, eh?

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