One Day at a Time, One Room at a Time

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25 May One Day at a Time, One Room at a Time


One Day at a Time, One Room at a Time

As we round out May and look toward the superstar home-buying months of summer, many of you may be preparing your home for this peak selling season.  Hopefully you have a detailed game plan in the form of a report, or list of “to do” items, as you prepare your home for market.  If you don’t, have a Stager do a consultation and report for you.  It’ll take the guesswork out of it, and a Stager knows what “to do” items are a priority and which ones aren’t, as well as what entices buyers.

By the way, I contend that they aren’t “to do” items, but “PROFIT” items.  Why?  Because the more thoroughly you prep your home, the better results you’ll achieve selling it.  In other words, there’ll be a good return on your investment of time and money.

So, how do you avoid becoming overwhelmed by all the items on your list?  Just take it one day at a time, one room at a time.  Once you start ticking off the items on the list, you’ll be motivated to focus on the next room, and before you know it, you’re finished.

Need it done in a hurry?  Consider making it into a party – invite free labor (i.e. friends and family who probably owe you a favor anyway, or who love you enough to help for free…or for food), play music to make it festive, have teams of people working on various aspects of the list, and at the end of the day, relax with ice cold beverages and pizza, and while you’re at it, run through the sprinkler to cool down!

If you still need help, here’s the best suggestion ever…outsource.  Hiring any combination of a professional painter, window washer, carpet cleaning company, housecleaning service, or Stager will instantly relieve stress and get the job done beautifully.

Having a turnkey home that outshines the competition is the secret sauce to succeeding in the peak selling season, or any time of year.

Need a Stager’s help and guidance?  We’d be honored to help make your listing irresistible!  Contact Imagine Gurus!  210-774-7373.  [email protected].