New Year’s Resolution: Pretty Pantry

15 Dec New Year’s Resolution: Pretty Pantry

There’s probably research showing that “Pretty Pantries” help you cook healthier, lose weight, and save money. If there’s not research about this yet, take note scientists, and you’re welcome for the idea!

What I can tell you for sure is that an organized (“Pretty”) Pantry helps my clients breathe a sigh of relief. Instead of walking into clutter & chaos, turning around and ordering take-out, they’re able to take stock of what they already have and what they need to add to the grocery list. It really helps them feel inspired to enjoy the process of cooking or baking.

Also, if you’re selling your home or having houseguests, a Pretty Pantry can elicit a feeling of comfort, order, and ease.

The best advice I can give if you’re organizing your pantry is to purge first, invest in some bins, baskets, and labels, and organize by food group category. Remember to keep the junk food a bit out of reach and the healthful alternatives at eye level!

Sound like a good way to start the New Year?  I think so!

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