If You’re Listing a Home, May I Take Your Order?

18 May If You’re Listing a Home, May I Take Your Order?

“Would you like under 1 month, or 4 months?”  If this is a menu for vacation length choices, I’ll take the “4 months” option, please!  It sounds fabulous!

But, imagine this is a menu for how long you want your home to be listed on the market before going under contract.  In that case, I’ll DEFINITELY take the “under 1 month” option and hold the “sides” of headache, worry, price drops, and keeping the house spotless every day!


The Real Estate Staging Association conducted a survey in Texas recently, which showed that homes Staged BEFORE listing were on the market an average of 27 days, whereas un-staged homes sat on the market for an average of 121 days.  That’s less than 1 month vs. 4 months!Then, as a test, those unfortunate un-staged homes were Staged, and they sold an average of 66 days later.  See, they’d already been tarnished by the extended days on market, so Staging took a bit longer to bring the desired results.

The moral of the story is to Stage before listing.  To do this well, get advice from a Professional Stager.

So, now that we have the menu explained, Imagine Gurus would be pleased to take your order.  Now serving Staging expertise to all who want success with their listings!

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