Fall In Love With Cozy

04 Feb Fall In Love With Cozy


February brings celebrations of love.  So, how about falling in love with “cozy”?  Create a special spot in your home to focus on recharging your batteries, getting some rest and relaxation, praying or meditating, sparking your creativity, or experiencing contentment.

Cozy can be created in:

  •  The corner of a room with a comfy chair or chaise lounge, fluffy pillows, a soft throw blanket, and ambient lighting, for reading, resting, journaling, and dreaming. Light a scented candle to complete this cozy spot.

  • A nearby basket with yoga mat, towel, and other supplies rolled in it, inviting you to “you time.”
  • A drop-leaf table or other small table or desk with a lamp and comfortable cushioned chair nearby, for your journaling or bible study time. A $5 mug warmer can keep your coffee or tea warm as you linger and enjoy this cozy space.
  • Your current desk or workspace, re-envisioned by turning off harsh overhead lighting and turning on an ambient lamp or two. Soft music, a desk-top fountain, and your favorite scented candle will complete the cozy zone and make work more enjoyable.
  • Fresh flowers and candles make almost any spot cozy, which can help you enjoy being there. Try this in the kitchen as you do dishes or other tasks, to make them more enjoyable.

If you happen to have your home on the market, these cozy spots speak to potential buyers, as well.  Cozy evokes an emotion in all of us and leaves a favorable impression and the desire for more of that feeling.

Need some inspiration in creating your Cozy spot?  Just contact Imagine Gurus at (210) 774-7373, or [email protected].