A Different Kind of Editing

30 Mar A Different Kind of Editing

Pay attention to this very important word:  editing.  It’s not just for writers anymore.  Nowadays, “editing” is a key word in both Organizing and Home Staging situations.  It’s what we do when we minimize…we edit our belongings to pare down and simplify our lives and/or make our home more appealing to potential buyers.

As a Home Stager and Professional Organizer, I have seen the amazing transformation editing brings to both rooms AND lives.


Home sellers have to go through this editing process anyway, as they prepare to move.  So I encourage them to start now.  Edit away!  Pare down!  Minimize!  Less is more!  Of course, the main reason to edit is because a minimalistic house is more appealing to buyers.  The bonus is that the sellers will have less to pack and unpack after they’ve gone through this process.

For those folks who aren’t selling, but who just want to simplify their life, editing is likewise transformative.  Controlling the chaos and clutter brings calm.  Editing the extra from our lives allows us time and energy to focus on what’s truly important to us.

Now you see why “editing” is such a key word and why we should consider applying it to our life in some way.

Not sure how to begin the editing process?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Contact Imagine Gurus and we’d be thrilled to help you!  Imagine the Possibilities with Imagine Gurus!  210-774-7373, [email protected].