5 Simple Tips On How to Stage Your Living Room.

05 Dec 5 Simple Tips On How to Stage Your Living Room.

1) DE-CLUTTER the shelves and surfaces. Less is more! For Dwelling or Selling, less clutter brings calm. Especially for Selling, remove anything smaller than a softball and remember that things look best in odd numbers.

2) NEUTRALIZE the color palette. Neutral colors bring calm and look best in photos. Light paint colors and neutral furniture is best, with pops of color brought in with art and décor.

3) MAKE sure the furniture is to scale. Over-sized furniture makes a space look crowded and undersized furniture makes a space look odd.

4) CREATE conversation areas and a good traffic flow. These are important for creating that emotional connection and rooms that “make sense” and have purpose.

5) LAYER in warm, decorative accents. Pay attention to on-trend décor and incorporate into your home. If your furniture and walls are neutral, it’s easy to layer these “on-trend” and “emotion-invoking” pieces.

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