5 Simple Tips for a Happy New Year

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08 Jan 5 Simple Tips for a Happy New Year


Time to ring out the old and bring in the new…habits, that is!  Following these simple tips can make a huge difference in your happiness in 2017.

  1. Reflect on 2016 & Visualize 2017

Reflecting on the ups and downs of 2016 can help you determine what worked and didn’t work, what you could have controlled and what was out of your control, and how certain events led to other events (good or bad).  This is the first step in visualizing 2017 and what kind of year you hope to have.  What are your hopes, dreams, and goals for 2017?  What will you do differently and what will you do the same?  Find a cozy spot, eliminate distractions, and set a timer for an hour.  Allow yourself the time to sit and reflect.  Write it down because it makes the process more purposeful.

  1. Say Yes to Saying No

Sometimes saying Yes is the right thing to do, but often it can lead to being over-scheduled, stressed, and frantic.  Leaving too little time for yourself or loved ones can be detrimental to your health and relationships.  Vow to make 2017 the year of being intentional with your “Yes” commitments.

  1. Calendar for Success

Keeping a calendar can give you a bit of control over your life, and help you evaluate your Yes commitments.  Too much on your calendar?  “Just say No.”  Go ahead and schedule time for yourself and loved ones.  If it’s on the calendar, you’ll know you’re “booked” for those special moments.

  1. Eliminate Time-Suckers

You know them already.  Namely social media, emails, and television.  Calendar designated times for these activities, until you get in the habit of your new routine and healthy relationship with these time-suckers.  For instance, schedule 30 minutes every morning, mid-day, and late afternoon to do email.  Perhaps 30 minutes every evening for social media and a couple hours a week for a favorite show or two on television.  The good news is that television can be a multi-task activity.  Couple TV time with folding clothes, stretching, exercising, knitting, etc.

  1. Make your House a Haven of Serenity

Vow to minimize and get Organized, one area at a time.  Controlling clutter can bring calm.  Once you’re Organized, take a look at your décor and see if a little Redesign will help bring more serenity or happiness or energy, or whatever you’re looking for.  Consider freshening your décor with new wall colors, throw pillows, or on-trend décor.  Satisfy your senses with different fabric textures, candles or essential oils, ambient lighting, soft music.  Designate a special spot for doing what you love, such as exercising, reading, creating art, or watching movies.  As sights and sounds of nature can be very calming, bring the outside inside with plants, twigs, stones, real wood furniture, nature-inspired art, fountains, and the like.


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