FACT: Visualization is a Rare Gift

05 Jul FACT: Visualization is a Rare Gift

“I just don’t know WHAT I’d do with this room!”

“This wall color and cabinet color is SO DATED!”

“This living room seems SO SMALL!”

“I’m an Aggie and I just can’t get over all of the icky Longhorn memorabilia. Get me out of this burnt orange nightmare!”  (Um, the décor is not conveying!)


Have you ever heard these, or similar comments…right before the buyer crosses off the list a perfectly good house?  Of course, you and 19% of the population can visualize the house with different furniture or a new paint color or with décor of your choice.  However, 81% of people can’t visualize a home’s potential unless it is shown to them.  (National Association of Realtors 2015 Survey).

This is why it’s imperative that Sellers prepare their homes before listing.  This goes for both Occupied and Vacant listings, by the way.  With Occupied listings, there are certain things which must be edited, rearranged or updated.  With Vacant listings, there are things which must be updated or fixed, as well as furniture needed in certain rooms for scale and warmth.

All of this preparation is done to avoid buyer objections.  After all, we’ve got to help these 81% see the listing’s potential by giving them the gift of visualization.

Imagine Gurus offers Staging Consultations and other Staging services to help Sellers highlight their home’s potential.  Presto!  100% Visualization Achieved!


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